Once your order is updated as completed you will be granted immediate lifetime access to Cumshot Editor Pro at You will then be able to enjoy the acquired software and benefit from awesome weekly content updates. Note that you’d have to be logged in with the profile you used to buy the particular product in order to access it.

Please, before purchasing this product make sure you’ve watched its tutorial videos at in order to get a clear idea how the software works.

How It Works

Currently we offer two editors, both of which are included with the purchase. Both versions of the editor are browser based, as such access is granted to preinstalled versions working exclusively online. The editor(s) work out of the gate, so no actual software is shipped, downloaded or installed. All you’d need is a brief access to the internet to load them.

The one on the tutorial videos is written on Adobe Flash and is designed with PC and MAC in mind (it does not support Mobile Devices and Tablets out of the gate). It’s currently recommended to use it in order to get the full range of advanced options for adult editing. You’d just have to make sure to enable Adobe Flash in your browser (

The second one is written on HTML5-JS (it supports Mobile Devices and Tablets). We’ve just released it recently as a supplementary editor and still has no tutorial videos (more on that: It is less advanced in terms of functionality currently, but we’ll be steadily releasing patches to improve that. The current plans in motion are adding all the options the Adobe Flash editor has, and then some.

Complete Editing Privacy

We take individual editing privacy very seriously, and as such have designed our software to be completely and utterly 100% private. There is no photo transfer between our servers and your computer.. at all. Once the editor is loaded, its Flash/HTML5-JS nature allows it to run on your computer (through your browser) in a local manner. Even if you lose access to the internet at that point, the editor will continue to work until closed. This also makes it that there is absolutely no photo loading wait or save delays either.

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