Create Fake Cumshots

Creating fake cumshots has been something many guys proved to love doing. Seeing your real life sexy friend covered in nasty cum brings a special kind of satisfaction, that is now easily achievable by using Cumshot Editor Pro for a few minutes.

Creating these awesome fake cumshots and other adult content is made easy with numerous […]

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X-Raying Females With Photoshop And Cumshot Editor Pro

It is true that we all have the desire to see women naked. We’d love to see their sexy tits and asses through their clothes.. and touch them, lick them, have fun with their bodies, and cum on them.

Unfortunately enough, women are using their sexuality in a manipulative manner most of the times and are not […]

Fake Cumshots In Porn

It’s something we’ve been passionately discussing here at the office. After several argue driven investigations and some bets lost it turned out that there is much more fake cum in porn than the average user would suspect. It’s not only being faked during ejaculations with the use of different devices but heavily tweaked with different image […]

Fake Cumshotting, Effectively Making You Even Calmer Around Females?

It’s a subject that definitely caught us by surprise when it was first brought to our attention. Apparently, some of the guys using Cumshot Editor Pro have noticed a notably improved mental state when around females. What was more astounding was that such reports were not that rare, out of 100 feedback emails we would […]

Faking Your Ex Girlfriend – The Desire We All Have?

We’ve been discussing that subject lately. We’ve received numerous photos as a feedback and some of them had a very descriptive titles, clearly indicating that the girl who was drenched in cum and filled with cocks was actually somebody’s ex. That did catch my eye because I myself have been faking an ex of mine […]

Create Fake Cum With Photoshop. A thing of the past?

So it’s no secret that photoshop has been the big player for any kind of photo editing. The domination has been a lengthy one, yet the average user never seemed to get a grasp of the complicated software, even after numerous years of “no alternative”.

However, with the advancement of technology and more specifically awesomely written […]

Your Favorite Type Of Girl / Woman To Cumshot?

It seems that each of us has deep rooted desire to cumshot and cock edit certain types of girls. We’ve been arguing around the office but finally agreed it just goes down to personal preference. A couple of days ago I started categorizing all the types I could think deserved to be fake cumshotted. That […]

Which Is The Best Type Of Cumshot?

Over the past year we’ve received insane amounts of cumshot photos as a feedback. We’re really, really appreciative of your efforts to make the cumshot editor even better. We’ve also noticed that, more frequently than not, the type of cumshots send to us would actually be indicative of the changes people would insist on being […]

Cumshot Your Female Facebook Friends: A Growing Trend

Hey guys. We’ve been receiving overwhelming amounts of positive feedback after we’ve introduced the much improved Pro version. What’s curious about it was that among the messages we started recognizing a pattern, and more precisely a pattern of what we now call a “facebook cumshotting”. Apparently many of you guys have found it awesomely entertaining […]

Cumshot Generator

Cumshot generation has been a needed addition in today’s growing demand for high quality sexual entertainment. The past 10 years saw increased efforts in the production of such with conventional powerful but complicated methods, such as Photoshop. And while Photoshop is capable in producing amazing cumshot and other adult oriented collages, it remains highly unpopular […]