HTML5-JS V3 Tutorial

In this tutorial video we’ll go over the general process of making a great edit on the newest HTML5-JS V3 iteration of the editor. The concept remains the same as with the other versions, that is you’d have to overlay our adult images on top of your photo.

The version comes with a revamped layout, quality of life improvements, and various expanded options and features which you could use for better blending and more realistic results.

HTML5-JS V3 Liquify

In this video we’ll present one of the coolest features we’ve added to the HTML5-JS V3 iteration of the editor.

Liquify allows you to manipulate the size of tits, asses, and anything in between with the press of a button.

HTML5-JS V3 ChatBox

In this tutorial video we’ll go over the process of adding Chat Bubbles and Text in order to create great captions. We’ve recently added the ChatBox images for download in the Members area.

CEP X-Ray Tutorial

In this video we’ll go over the general process of creating an X-Ray edit. The tutorial video is a bit old in that it showcases how it’s done on the Flash version of the editor, which is currently in legacy mode. However, the same process is applicable to every Cumshot Editor Pro version.

CEP Galleries Showcase

In this video we’ll showcase a few of the gallery types we’ve developed. It’s a video from late 2019 but we will leave it posted here for the time being (until we update it) as it could be beneficial in that it showcases the galleries in more detail.

That’s it, guys! Of course, we’re definitely going to make tutorial videos for the HTML5-JS v3 version. We’re just adding features to it as we speak so we’ve delayed it a bit in order for it to be more comprehensive and include everything.