Development Roadmap [2021, 2022, +]

Hey guys, it’s time to release our development roadmap for the next few years.

The general concept is more of everything (awesome stuff!). We’ve scheduled various tweaks and updates to improve both the functionality of the editors and the quality/variety of the galleries. We’re also exploring the possibility of bringing you additional progressive semi-automated ways for […]

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Adobe Flash Editor [Legacy Mode After 2020]

Hey guys, you might be aware that the Adobe is discontinuing their support for the Flash framework.

We’ve been preparing for a smooth transition ever since it became known that the Flash version of the editor will become obsolete by the end of 2020 (which was a few years back).

Thus far we’ve released three separate stand-alone […]

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HTML5-JS V3.0 To Be Released [Q1 2020]

Hey guys, we’re excited to announce the development of a brand new HTML5-JS V3 version of the editor. We’ve been working on it with great enthusiasm for the past year, completely rebuilding the core framework yet again as to allow the addition of the most advanced features current technology would allow.

The current stage of development […]

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HTML5-JS v2.0 Release

Hey guys, we’re excited to announce the release of the completely redone and improved HTML5-JS v2.0!

With improvements on feel, numerous added features, and most importantly – a framework that’s written from the ground up to allow for advanced feature creation and easier improvements, it’s definitely a nice entry into 2019!

New Features
Of course, made sure to […]

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Development Roadmap [2018, 2019, 2020, +]

Hey guys, aided by your positive support we’ve been steadily improving upon the software ever since early 2013. Over the years we managed to completely rewrite and improve upon the original code of Cumshot Editor (twice!), have added a wide array of new features and options, have grown both the types of galleries and their […]

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Cryptocurrencies Accepted [Ethereum]

Hey guys, we’re happy to announce we now accept cryptocurrencies (Ethereum) as means of payment. It’s been a requested feature for a while, as they’ve been rapidly growing in popularity, and we’re excited to finally announce their adoption.

The system we’ve made is semi-automatic, meaning that we’ll have to manually approve a transaction as successful before […]

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HTML5-JS Version Release

Hey guys, we’re very excited to announce the release of the the long awaited HTML5-JavaScript version of the editor.

The code it is written on further expands our capabilities to develop advanced features and make adult editing that much more convenient and pleasurable.

Definitely a big step forward, and of course as any added software version / […]

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Enable Flash In Chrome

Hey guys, remember that in order to run the editor in Chrome you need to have your Adobe Flash Player enabled. Fortunately it’s really easy to do as Chrome comes preloaded with it by default.

Just type “chrome://settings/content” in your browser bar and click on “Allow sites to run Flash”, that’s it.

Here’s a more graphic guide […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro v1.8 [Fullscreen Mode]

Hey guys. We’re excited to announce the release of v1.8 and the awesome addition coming with it – Fullscreen Mode.

Development History And Thoughts
Even though the older 1.7 version worked really well for the most part, one still had to occasionally use or in […]

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Types Of Galleries Added [Gallery Update]

Hey guys, I’m glad to announce that we’ve released even more awesome gallery types so you can now turn your friends into absolute whores. In addition to the types of galleries shown in the tutorial videos, we’ve now added:

1) Throated_Cocks_Gallery. Some of the sweet sluts that are being edited already have their mouths opened and […]

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Fully Managed VPS Server [Server Update]

Hey guys, we’ll be transitioning to a fully managed state of the art VPS server on [17/03/2016]. With that move the up-time should increase to the staggering 99.9% (up from the 99.3% currently, we’re perfectionists around). Response times should improve as well, by at least 300ms to 600ms.

However, we will temporarily not be accepting any […]

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MasterCard Accepted [Payment Processing Update]

Hey guys. I’m glad to announce that we’ve finally come to agreeable terms with MasterCard and have already enabled them as a payment processing option. Definitely good news for all the parties involved.

The negotiations certainly took longer than originally anticipated due to MasterCard’s numerous bureaucratic restrictions covering vital areas of money processing. However, through sheer […]

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Card Declined? [Resolution Guide]

Hey guys. If your card has been declined, this is not a problem, and is very common, particularly if this is your first time paying to CCBill.com (our credit card payment processor) by card. It’s most likely due to your bank risk flagging the payment, as they may see it as an unusual activity. The […]

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Credit Card Transaction Statement [“CCBill.com *Alpha Essent”] [Complete Protection]

Hey guys. Due to the nature of the product we’ve been frequently asked what’s the credit card transaction statement. Many guys were worried it may be indicative of the nature of the product or even outright state something like “cumshoteditor.com”. I’m very glad to clear that out and announce that it is not the case at all.

As […]

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From Http to Https [Upped Security]

Hey guys. I’m glad to announce we’ve upped our security by introducing HTTPS protocols site-wide (be sure to check what it stands for at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTPS). Of course, we previously had one on checkout and registration pages where encryption is encouraged. However, the good news is we have now managed to introduce it site-wide by successfully modifying internal and […]

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MasterCard Acceptance Postponed Further

Hey guys. We were all excited at the possibility to finally add MasterCard as a payment processing solution and were a few technicalities away from doing so.. or so we though. We were just very recently met with the next bureaucratic wave of flat out senseless restrictions covering numerous areas of money processing, such as daily volume of […]

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MasterCard To Be Accepted Soon

Hey guys. I’m excited to announce that we’ve finally reached agreeable terms with MasterCard and will be adding it as payment processing solution very soon. The effect will probably take place the following week or so [18/07/2015 – 25/07/2015].

The addition of MasterCard to our payment processing options was definitely something we’ve been trying to achieve for […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro [Affiliate Program]

Hey guys. I’m really glad to announce that we’ve finally finished our affiliate program and is now readily available to anybody who wishes to participate and benefit from it.

We’ve been beta testing it over the past 3 weeks and it is currently running very smoothly. The commission rate we’ve eventually decided to go with is flat 50% as […]

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Cumshot Editor v1.7 [Gallery Update]

Hey guys. We’ve pumped out some cosmetic changes in v1.6 and are now going for a gallery update in v1.7.

Over the course of most of the Cumshot Editor (not Pro) I had to basically edit cum out of photos myself. They were getting the job done but I guess could be categorized as semi-decent from […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro v1.5

Hey guys. I’m definitely excited to announce that we’ve reached our second cornerstone by achieving full software stability in our v1.5 version. Over the past few months we’ve managed to resolve virtually all known bugs and even minor inconveniences.

Patch 1.5v has been live for a week now and only confirmed what we already expected, […]

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Cumshot Blending [New Feature]

This feature gathered the 1578 votes in out poll (over a period of two weeks) and we were quick to start working on it.

The current cumshot blending is awesome as it is, with the ability to easily modulate crucial semen properties, such as transparency, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, shadow, blur, outline, and bevel.. many […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro v1.3 [Server Update]

Over the past few weeks we’ve had some minor complaints of server stability. Personally we never noticed any but decided to use a designated program to thoroughly test its connectivity to even the farthest points of the earth.

The results were satisfactory overall. Over the course of 2 weeks constant monitoring, the server proved to […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro v1.2 [Fixes]

It’s only natural that with the entire core rewritten from the ground up, some minor bugs will try to sneak themselves even through our extensive beta. I’d like to thank all of you for reporting each and every inconvenience and bug you have encountered. Here are the patch v1.2 fixes:

* A bug where […]

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Black And White [New Feature]

With the advancement of our color flash editing engine we were able to pump out several options affecting it, with the latest being the ability to turn your photo or/and your cumshot completely black and white with the push of a button.

It was actually a requested feature as some guys deemed their photos too […]

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Vertical / Horizontal Flip [New Feature]

The powerful new Cumshot Editor Pro framework definitely allowed us to implement things we consider are vital for the ease of use and awesome cumshot editing.

You have been able to freely size and rotate the cum around ever since Cumshot Editor v1.3 but we needed a better and faster way to flip it with […]

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Cumshot Directly From Web [New Feature]

Hey guys! Continuing with the more wanted features. This gathered 897 votes in the poll (for 20 days) and was actually not that hard from a technical standpoint to implement, so I went for it first.

What the feature does is allowing you to directly point to a photo on the internet (copy-pasting its web […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro v1.0 Now Live

After almost three months of intensive development, we’re happy to present to your attention Cumshot Editor Pro v1.0! We have been in beta testing for the last 2 weeks and have taken care of the popular issues, leaving only very minor inconveniences to be fully removed in v1.1.

Let’s get to the good stuff. Cumshot […]

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Cumshot Editor Pro In Development

I’m happy to announce Cumshot Editor Pro! We’ve thought about the current limitations of the flash editor and decided to almost completely rewrite it, opening new exciting possibilities for cum and other adult related editing.

Rest assured, all the progress of Cumshot Editor v2.2 will remain in place and you will benefit from the stability and […]

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Cumshot Editor v2.2 Now Live

With the new team in place we were able to fix virtually all the rest of the known issues in just two months, even the most minor ones. This is a great success and a cornerstone indeed. Cumshot Editor v2.2 is first completely stable and issue free version of our software.

We have great plans for […]

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Cumshot Editor’s Official Team

I mentioned in the previous update my limitations as a single guy working on an increasingly complicated editor (only code wise, of course, still very easy and convenient to use) and my desire to give back to the community instead of hoarding resources.. and it has now come to fruition.

An Additional Flash Developer
It was important […]

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‘Beauty Section’ Now Live [New Section][4 New Features]

Due to popular demand I have been working on a whole new section, especially designed with the intention of beautifying the photos before cum editing them.

The section consists of 4 features:

Smooth Wrinkles
This was definitely the most wanted. It’s a frequent occurrence to cumshot edit your own home made pornographic photos (I know I did) […]

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Cumshot Editor v1.7 Now Live

We’ve definitely made great progress over the past few months. The first 6 version updates had me fixing countless little annoying bugs and implementing what we should consider crucial features.

Cumshot Editor v1.7 is a bigger update and has been in beta for about 2 weeks now. It brings updated functionalities on basically all the […]

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Sharpen Filter [New Feature]

It’s actually I really wanted to implement that feature with Cumshot Editor v1.0 but was unable to do so due to technical issues with the specific coding needed to do so and php / server incompatibility. It always remained on the back of my mind, though, since it’s really useful for photos that are washed […]

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Direct Camera Uploads and Cumshots [New Feature]

Hey all. This was a very requested feature, gathering 1231 votes in our poll. Basically with it you will be able to take a picture from your PC camera and directly set it up for cumshot editing. It will definitely work very well with the future mobile versions of the editor, allowing you to take […]

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Online Gallery Option [New Feature]

Hey all. I’d like to thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response. I’m really glad you enjoy the editor and that my efforts were not in vain.

I’ve managed to completely fix all the known critical issues with it and we’re now proceeding to adding new options and content. It’s not an easy process since […]

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Cumshot Editor v1.0 Now Live

Hey guys, after quite an effort I was able to produce Cumshot Editor v1.0. It’s completely written in flash and currently operates only on desktop PCs. First thing I will be doing is fixing major bugs and random errors like the known oil filter freeze and random abnormalities related to the re-size function.

I’ve hired a […]

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