Hey guys, we’re excited to announce the release of the completely redone and improved HTML5-JS v2.0!

With improvements on feel, numerous added features, and most importantly – a framework that’s written from the ground up to allow for advanced feature creation and easier improvements, it’s definitely a nice entry into 2019!

New Features
Of course, made sure to keep all the HTML5-JS features and also include some of the most requested ones, such as:
– Mirror (horizontal only, currently).
– Shadow (and possibly some nice Blur-looking effects as a function of the advanced Shadow).
– Full support for mobile and tablets.
– Added a number of new filters.
– Improved undo/redo functionality.
– Added support for retina scaling.
– Filters now use WebGL for improved performance.
– Improved support for saving and loading large photos.
– Added support for zooming via mouse wheel and pinch gesture.
– Objects added to canvas will now be properly resized and positioned.
– Saved state will now properly preserve things like active fonts and frames.

Of course, we’re always ahead in development, so our current working internal version is v2.1.1 (to be released gradually over the next month or so).

And naturally, we’ll also be happy to continue supporting and updating the previous HTML5-JS version of the editor (as a stand-alone separate version), as a lot of guys have grown accustomed to it.

Of course, the quest for creating even more convenient, pleasant, and advanced adult editing environment continues. Adding more features, different galleries, and even major new software version releases, such as this one, extends for a lifetime and comes at no additional cost other than the single payment to become a lifetime member. A great value proposition we honor and lies in the heart of the success of Cumshot Editor Pro and its position as the prime adult editor on the market today.

I’d like to thank you once again for all the amazing support! The positive feedback we get is the most rewarding thing about what we do, and is also what keeps us going forward with renewed passion.