Hey guys, you might be aware that the Adobe is discontinuing their support for the Flash framework.

We’ve been preparing for a smooth transition ever since it became known that the Flash version of the editor will become obsolete by the end of 2020 (which was a few years back).

Thus far we’ve released three separate stand-alone HTML5-JavaScript based versions of the editor, all of which will continue working.

The release of our latest HTML5-JS v3.0 version (which went live on March 31th 2020) further improves the situation as it’s even more advanced than the Flash version.

All in all, after 2020 guys would have to transition to one of the newer HTML5-JS editors, which will be the ones to be updated and supported in the future. Of course, all the HTML5-JS editors are provided for free.

Additionally, we will still keep the Adobe Flash editor in Legacy Mode for guys who might try to emulate it using older browser versions.

That’s it! Hopefully these alterations won’t affect you in any way. If anything, the HTML5-JS framework of our editor(s) would allow you to use them on any device from the get-go.

I’d like to thank you once again for all the support!