Hey guys, it’s time to release our development roadmap for the next few years.

The general concept is more of everything (awesome stuff!). We’ve scheduled various tweaks and updates to improve both the functionality of the editors and the quality/variety of the galleries. We’re also exploring the possibility of bringing you additional progressive semi-automated ways for adult editing.

HTML5-JS Editor(s) Development

So far we’ve released three separate HTML5-JS versions of the editor. Each with unique framework and capabilities.

All HTML5-JS versions will continue to be fully supported.

Of these, V3 will be receiving the more significant improvements and updates, as it has the most advanced framework. Of course, V1 and V2 will continue receiving the usual quality of life updates.

Adobe Flash (Legacy Mode)

Adobe is discontinuing their support for the Flash framework by the end of 2020. We will keep hosting and supporting the Adobe Flash editor in Legacy Mode for guys who might try to emulate it using older browser versions.

Adult Edit-Ready Galleries Development

Weekly Updates
Adult edit-ready galleries will continue to be updated every week. As usual, users would also be able to vote on which gallery they’d like to see updated as a bonus to the regular schedule. This will result in extra growth of preferred adult galleries.

New Gallery Types
We’ll also continue adding new gallery types based on member preferences, in a rate of a few types per year as currently scheduled.

Of course, the process of improving upon the quality of the adult edit-ready galleries will continue, with each update being slightly better quality wise. This trend will definitely continue as we always go for the latest complex techniques of detail preservation and overall image quality improvement.

We’ll also take a look at some of the older gallery images and overhaul them to bring them up to par with the newer ones to avoid quality disparity and create a more consistent feel.

Other Progressive Concepts

Over the past few years there have been some awesome technological leaps, which we’ve been monitoring closely. Complex frameworks involving artificial intelligence have finally come to a stage where they could be utilized on a massive scale and be presented to the end user as separate products.

Thus came the emergence of Deepfake, Faceswap, Deepnude and the potential appearance of a few others we’re aware of (especially some related to semi-automated static image modifications). Some were intentionally delayed and even pulled out, some are functioning mirrors of the originals, and some are in closed alpha.

We’re certainly monitoring their development and regularly reevaluating the possibility for future adoption into our framework. Things are developing rather quickly, which is definitely reassuring. Even so, any potential development plans in that direction on our part would probably be set for after 2022.

Of course, even if we create a completely separate product (which would probably be based on Python), guys who’ve purchased Cumshot Editor Pro would still get it for free.


That’s it! Of course, the development roadmap here is going over the general direction of the scheduled progress. We will definitely be posting each notable improvement as a separate detailed update.

As always, I’d like to thank you for the amazing support, guys, and assure you we are more dedicated than ever in our efforts to provide you with the best adult editing experience!