Welcome To Our Affiliate Program

Welcome to our affiliate program. We hope you’ll find it both easy and profitable to use. We’ve covered the most frequently asked questions bellow but be sure to ask us if any additional questions are to arise.

Existing Users

If you have already signed up for the program you can log in. You could also use ccbill’s direct link for logging in at: https://admin.ccbill.com/loginMM.cgi.




New Users

You’re about to join our affiliate program and start earning 50% commissions on every person that buys this product and is sent through your link. Be sure to read the frequently asked questions bellow to get a better grasp on the details of the program before signing up.


How does that affiliate program works?

When you sign up for our affiliate program you will get access to your personal links and banners (all pointing to our site). Each time a person goes through your link and buys Cumshot Editor Pro you will receive 50% of the money (minus CCBill processing fees, around $2.75).

You’ll just have to find creative ways to share the affiliate link and get people to click on it. Blog posts, ads in your sidebar, forums, social media updates, etc.

Making money with Cumshot Editor Pro has been made really easy and convenient.


What are the benefits?

1. Instant income
Start earning money immediately! Once your registration request is confirmed you can start earning commissions simply by placing one of our banners or text links on yours or other sites and referring visitors to us.

2. Earn 50% commission on sale
We pay our affiliates generous commissions – 50% of revenues. Payouts are always on time and are handled by ccbill.com. There are no limits to how much you can earn.

3. High conversion rate
We convert roughly 1 to 2 out of every 50 visitors into a sale. We invest in our products and websites and you will reap the benefits.

4. Extensive Statistics
As our affiliate, you’ll be presented with your own account, supporting numerous statistics to track exactly how well you’re doing.

5. Work from home on your terms
Hardly anything more satisfying.


How much money can I make?

There’s no limit to how much you can make. The general pattern is about $37 to $74 dollars (2 – 4 sales) per every 100 people you bring to the site (given that they are targeted audience, such as guys from porn forums and related media).

Our most successful partner affiliates make what many people would consider to be very high on the income scale.

We do have many regular guys as well, just using the affiliate link in their porn forum profile signatures. They generate a very decent amount of additional income by just doing what they love (and used to do for free).


How to get started exactly?

1) We recommend reading all the faqs and documentation first, so that you are prepared theoretically. Using our affiliate program and the theory behind is made conveniently easy, so that it shouldn’t take you long.

2) Next step would be actually register for the program at: http://cumshoteditor.com/affiliate-program.

3) Now you should login with your affiliate profile at: https://admin.ccbill.com/loginMM.cgi and take a look around.

Here are the few and easy substeps of using your affiliate profile after registration:

1) You have your affiliate links and banners at “tools”.
2) You have all the reports needed at “reports”.
3) You have a 24/7 “live chat” feature to talk to ccbill.com representative about any subject you feel needs clarification.

That’s it. Using our affiliate program and making money with is has been made easy.


How do I receive my money?

All the financial questions are exclusively handled by our partners – ccbill.com.

They have more than a decade of experience handling such and have several options readily available immediately. Popular methods remain wire transfers and checks.

It’s really just a matter of choosing the most convenient way for you.


How are people that I send tracked?

We are using ccbill.com to track them using the following methods:

– IP
– Browser
– Cookie

This basically means that the chance of sending a guy to our site and the system missing it was send by you is very close to 0%. The three methods are well combined. Moreover, the cookies are stored for 6 months after the person has visited cumshoteditor.com, meaning that if he decides to buy the product later you will still receive your 50%.


What software handles your affiliate program?

The whole affiliate program is handled by ccbill.com’s proven affiliate software. In fact, your affiliate profile is not even on our site and we do not have access to your personal statistics.

This kind of third party affiliate site, program, and software is definitely the more reliable option when you are considering dangers of rigged results and merchants not registering sales to avoid paying the fair share to their affiliates.

The way our affiliate system is build ensures 100% program fairness.


What is the pixel size of your banners?

We currently offer 7 banners in that order:

BANNER 1 SIZE – 728×90
BANNER 2 SIZE – 468×60
BANNER 3 SIZE – 315×300
BANNER 4 SIZE – 300×250
BANNER 5 SIZE – 250×250
BANNER 6 SIZE – 120×600
BANNER 7 SIZE – 160×600

The individual banner links can be found at your affiliate profile under “tools” > “banners”.

* Note that sometimes we may change the link of a particular banner, so if it stops working be sure to enter your affiliate profile and get the updated version.


How to find just my affiliate link (without the banner attached to it)?

Your affiliate link is basically the link that is inside your banner code. You’d just have to navigate to your affiliate profile > “tools” > “banners” and get the link out of any banner code.

A  typical banner code is: 
<A HREF=”http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=947873-0000&PA=(your_affiliate_number)&BAN=0″>
<IMG SRC=”(the_image_source)” BORDER=0>

A typical affiliate link is:

If you are unsure what’s your affiliate link be sure to contact us at support@cumshoteditor.com. We’ll be more than happy to point it out to you.


Any tips to how to get lots of traffic through my links and banners?

There are many viable ways of getting lots of traffic (and money) through your affiliate links and banners. It’s important to note that many people need Cumshot Editor Pro even now but are not aware of its existence. You’d just need to mention it to them, that’s it really.

We’ll go through some of the basic ones and leave the rest to your personal imagination and creativity.

1) Through porn forums. Commenting porn forums (general comments, not spam) while having a cumshot editor pro banner as your signature is a sure way to drive lots of traffic.

2) Social Media. Mentioning cumshot editor pro and leaving a useful link without looking spammy can get a long way.

3) Through your website and blog. That’s an obvious one but deserves a mention.

4) Any kind of articles on the internet that may be related to the subject in any way, shape, or form and that let you leave a comment.

5) Any bulletin boards and whatever you may think of.

That should give you a general idea. Of course, there are countless other ways to drive traffic through your links and banners.


After you’ve read the needed documentation and are ready to register just press:

Retrieve Data Form

To load your affiliate account information, please enter your ID, username and password. This is NOT a login form. It should be used  rarely and only to retrieve your affiliate account information or to add our affiliate program to an existing ccbill.com affiliate profile, if needed.

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