Hey guys. If your card has been declined, this is not a problem, and is very common, particularly if this is your first time paying to CCBill.com (our credit card payment processor) by card. It’s most likely due to your bank risk flagging the payment, as they may see it as an unusual activity. The status notification itself will frequently be “Transaction Denied by Bank”, “Do Not Honor” or something of similar nature. Here’s how you can continue:

1. Call the number on the back of your card

Check the back of your card. It should have a phone number to your bank’s department for card enquiries that you can call.

2. Say that you want to be able to make payments to CCBill.com

Let them know that your payment was declined, and that you wish to make it still. In most cases, they should instantly be able to allow your future payments to CCBill.com.

3. Go back to the checkout page and try again

You might have to refresh the checkout page of your browser. Then enter your card details again and continue. It should be as simple as that.

You can also request any additional specific information regarding the decline at the site of our credit card payment processor CCBill (https://ccbill.com/contact-us.php).

That’s it. I really hope you’ll find this guide helpful.