Hey guys, we’re very excited to announce the release of the the long awaited HTML5-JavaScript version of the editor.

The code it is written on further expands our capabilities to develop advanced features and make adult editing that much more convenient and pleasurable.

Definitely a big step forward, and of course as any added software version / feature / gallery update / and new release, it comes absolutely for free for guys who have already purchased the original Flash version of the editor.

Development History And Thoughts
It’s well known that HTML5 and Javascript are gradually becoming the next big thing on the web for browser based applications. That’s why, and without delay, we decided to turn our attention to creating such a version of the editor, expanding its quality and ensuring its longevity.

The way we approached the development of the HTML5-JS version of the editor was to acquire a source code of a regular non-specific such editor and expand upon it by adding our own features as well as improve its overall functionality with a series of code optimization tweaks, making it more and more adult editing friendly, secure and awesome with every passing update.

As such, we now support and actively develop two completely different adult editors (one written on HTML5-JS and one on Adobe Flash), both really strong and easy to use, with unique advantages over the other.

The major advantages of the HTML5-JS version is full mobile and tablet support, free drawing mode, advanced layers and history management.

While the Flash version still remains the preferred choice for PC editing with its advanced options for individual image editing, including: transparency, blending, hue, saturation, brightness, shadows, blur, glow, bevel, horizontal and vertical flips, as well as the ability to create tilted images by freely modifying their x and y lines.

Creating even more convenient adult editing environment by giving our lifetime members the opportunity to alternate between the editors depending on their specific needs was our major goal with this release.

Of course, the quest for creating even more convenient, pleasant and advanced adult editing environment continues. Adding more features, different galleries, and even major new software version releases, such as this one, extends for a lifetime and comes at no additional cost other than the single payment to become a lifetime member. A great value proposition we honor and lies in the heart of the success of Cumshot Editor Pro and its position as the prime adult editor on the market today.

I’d like to thank you once again for all the amazing support! The positive feedback we get is the most rewarding thing about what we do, and is also what keeps us going forward with renewed passion.