Hey guys, we’re happy to announce we now accept cryptocurrencies (Ethereum) as means of payment. It’s been a requested feature for a while, as they’ve been rapidly growing in popularity, and we’re excited to finally announce their adoption.

The system we’ve made is semi-automatic, meaning that we’ll have to manually approve a transaction as successful before activating an account. The whole process will be completed in less than 12 hours, though, so it is still relatively fast and convenient, and completely anonymous.

As all cryptocurrency accounts are just strings of code (anonymous), all we’d need to know is basically who paid us so we can create/activate his account. Based on your preferences, and for your convenience, there are two easy ways to go about it:

Email us at support@cumshoteditor.com. Let us know your cryptocurrency account and send us $37 worth of cryptocurrency. We’ll take care of everything in 12 hours. Basically we’ll create you an activated account connected to your desired email and send you a random password (which you can easily change later). You’ll then be able to enjoy Cumshot Editor Pro for life. That’s it, hopefully we’ve made it simple and convenient.

You can also directly create your profile and pending order, which we’ll just approve.
1) Add Cumshot Editor Pro to your cart
2) Go to checkout
3) Fill in all the fields
4) Leave your cryptocurrency address as a note to your order (under Order Notes)
5) Click process to checkout
6) Close that window and get back to our site (https://cumshoteditor.com)
7) Log in with the user you’ve created.
8) Transfer $37 from the cryptocurrency account you mentioned in your order note to our cryptocurrency account
9) Wait a few hours until we confirm it as completed
10) Enjoy Cumshot Editor Pro for life

Here’s the cryptocurrency account you can send your payment to:

Ethereum: 0x3b0A3529334133Ef7a1f9D36083aeEe98BefAc40

Here’s a useful link to live exchange rates (USD to Cryptocurrencies). This is to know how much of your cryptocurrency is worth $37, and send us that exact amount.

For Ethereum: https://www.coingecko.com/en/price_charts/ethereum/usd

That’s it! Hopefully all the guys who own cryptocurrencies and/or ones who prefer complete anonymity will find this new addition of substantial value. If you have any questions and need assistance with anything be sure to contact us at support@cumshoteditor.com, we’ll be happy to hear from you!