Hey guys, aided by your positive support we’ve been steadily improving upon the software ever since early 2013. Over the years we managed to completely rewrite and improve upon the original code of Cumshot Editor (twice!), have added a wide array of new features and options, have grown both the types of galleries and their size, and have even recently released a completely new separate HTML5-JS version of the editor.

Development Stages

Code updates and new features in the past were released in three stages.
– Closed Alpha, when we code and test the changes ourselves.
– Closed Beta, usually introducing a few more guys
– Open Beta, open for public testing

However, going through the open beta comments it seems that sometimes quite a majority of the guys feel that another feature should have been added first. Sometimes it couldn’t have been done, as code-wise some of the features have to be built over each other (so there is a certain chain of release which guys may not take into consideration).

To alleviate that effect, we’ve decided to be more thorough and open with the development plans and even more importantly – introduce a voting system where users could influence the order of possible feature releases.

HTML5-JS Editor Development

Even as it is working in a satisfactory manner now, we have much bigger plans for the future development of the HTML5-JS version of the editor. Be sure to first read our introductory annoumenet (https://cumshoteditor.com/html5-js-version-release) in order to get a better grasp on the core theory and history of its arrival.

As many may have noticed, currently the HTML5-JS version of the editor seems somewhat familiar to another existing alternative. That is because they are derived from the same source code. However, even now our version bears significant under the hood improvements, as we have the capacity to modulate the source code in a meaningful manner.

Current unique improvements include:

Major ones:
– Proper fullscreen mode added
– Proper high definition save capability added
– Several additional adult gallery types added

Minor ones:
– Selected object now can be moved around with arrow keys for more precision
– Selected object can now be deleted using delete key on keyboard
– Fonts will now be correctly preserved when editing an existing text object
– Several improvements to responsiveness of the UI added
– Text will now get removed properly after clicking ‘cancel’ button in text panel

Other fixes:
– Fixed an issue where numerous adult-stickers would not appear when clicked depending on the underlying photo canvas size
– Fixed an issue where stickers panel would sometimes not display properly
– Fixed an issue where rotated image could not be reset to default properly
– Fixed an issue where switching tabs to quickly would open a blank tab
– Fixed an issue where image would sometimes become invisible after rotating it
– Fixed an issue where top menu bar would sometimes cover the image
– Fixed several small visual issues with interface

As the world is gradually turning towards the HTML5-JS technology for online photo editing, we will be turning our attention accordingly as well.

The plans for 2018 include adding most of the features currently present in our Adobe Flash editor (the one on the tutorial videos). Even now the HTML5-JS version has some of the useful ones such as sticker opacity and proper resizing, plus additional strong points such as mobile-tablet support, separate editable at all times layers, history, and drawing mode.

Major core ones to be added are the ability to modify gallery/sticker/watermark:
– Brightness
– Contrast
– Saturation
– Hue
– Blur
– Shadow
– Horizontal-Vertical Flip (Mirror Function).

The plans for 2019 are even more exciting and are even in early development as of now. Most of them include different advanced concepts, such as:

– Brush bulging liquefying effects, that will give you the ability to precisely modify the size of original photo tits, asses, fat, muscles, and every other part, with the press of a button.

– Brush transparency effects, that will give you the ability precisely modify the transparency of parts of the adult stickers, resulting in even more control and realistic cum, spit, makeup smudges, etc.

Adobe Flash Editor Development

This is the current primary adult editor shown on the tutorial videos. It has rich functionality that is both easy to get in and provides satisfactory level of adult editing customization.

We all love this editor, and of course we will continue supporting, hosting and updating it at a steady pace.

Adult Edit-Ready Galleries Development

Adult edit-ready galleries will continuye to be updated every week. In addition to these regular updates, we will be adding polls for users to vote on which gallery they’d like to see updated as a bonus to the regular schedule. This will result in extra growth of preferred adult galleries.

We’ve been constantly improving upon the quality of the adult edit-ready galleries, each update being slightly better quality wise. This trend will definitely continue as we always go for the latest complex techniques of detail preservation and overall image quality improvement.

New Gallery Types
We are definitely always looking to add new exciting adult edit-ready gallery types. When we first started back in 2013 we had just a single gallery type and that was cum for creating awesome cumshots. Fortunately we’ve come a long way since then and have managed to add numerous awesome and diverse types, such as: Cocks, Breasts (for X-Ray), Asses (for X-Ray), Pussies (for X-Ray), Blowjobs, Throated_Cocks, Toys (including numerous interesting subtypes of items), Spit, Makeup_Smudges, etc. totaling in over 1700 separate images and growing weekly.

Additionally, to make the process of adding new adult gallery types even more effective and on point, we’ll introduce a voting system where existent users will be able to choose which ones will be added first by selecting their preferred type.


That’s it! These are our development plans for the years to come. We wanted them to be on point so we didn’t dive that deep into many of the details we have in mind. Rest assured though, we will definitely be posting much of those as separate detailed updates when it is time to be introduced.

As always, I’d like to thank you for the amazing support, guys, and assure you we are more dedicated than ever in our efforts to provide you with the best adult editing experience.