It’s a subject that definitely caught us by surprise when it was first brought to our attention. Apparently, some of the guys using Cumshot Editor Pro have noticed a notably improved mental state when around females. What was more astounding was that such reports were not that rare, out of 100 feedback emails we would get at least 10 mentioning it outright. Naturally, we then decided to specifically ask all the guys that have left us any kind of feedback if they have noticed any difference or mental shift when around women after having used the product for at least several days prior. And wow and behold, the astounding 57% confirmed they felt more assertive and calm after having cummed on the face of the subject of their desires prior. It was actually more than we originally anticipated by a large margin.

But what about the rest 43%? Well, the majority of them just answered that they are usually calm and assertive with females so they continued feeling like their usual selves without noticing any significant difference. In fact, only 19% out of all the guys answered that they felt anxious around women and cumshotting their face didn’t help with it even one bit.

We took those results in serious considerations and researched the subject for some time. The main question was:

Why is fake cumshotting female faces that effective?

We came up with several explanations, all supporting each other and probably contributing to the phenomenon.

1) Cumming on a female’s face confirms to one’s brain that it has already had sex with her. As we’ve been becoming increasingly aware of, dopamine brain reward circuitry activities lessen with each time we have sex with the same partner. It’s probably an evolutionary feature to ensure genetic variety. However, in this particular instance it plays crucial role in decreasing anxiety because one’s brain stars associating a particular female as a lesser reward because of the diminished dopamine activity around her (successfully bringing her down from her piedestal).

2) Studies have shown that visual confirmation is much stronger stimulus to the brain than just raw fantasy. It definitely works much better than just fantasizing about sex with the girl. Moreover, such images can stuck deep into one’s subconscious mind and influence it much more effectively over longer periods of time, successfully and continuously bringing females down from the excessively heightened value one’s brain has initially assigned to them.

3) The raw variety one is able to achieve is not only more effective for one’s subconscious mind, but also surpasses fantasy scenarios in quantity. Cumming and penis variations can go up to 20 or 30 per session.

These seem to be the main three reasons we thought of as to why is fake cumshotting familiar females more effective than just imagining sex with them. It really boils down to the dopamine relation with visual and fantasy stimuli rather than just fantasy, the ability to create more and new visual scenarios not even anticipated by one’s self, and even save those images for continued use.

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