We’ve been discussing that subject lately. We’ve received numerous photos as a feedback and some of them had a very descriptive titles, clearly indicating that the girl who was drenched in cum and filled with cocks was actually somebody’s ex. That did catch my eye because I myself have been faking an ex of mine with who we’ve had some awesome and nasty sex times.

When I asked around the office it turned out that virtually ALL of the guys there were faking their exes as well. Surely it couldn’t have been a coincidence? And it was not.

As it turns out, sharing a sexual relationship with someone frequently leaves engraved desire, almost an automatic response to fuck them again. They are seen as an object of sexual gratification on a very deep level. As unfortunate as it is, though, many of the relationships don’t last these days (blame the feminists) so we are frequently left with the memories of our awesome fuck sessions and want to relive them again, hell even improve on them in our minds. And here comes the useful photo fake cumshotting and adult degrading. We can easily imagine a sexual scenario with our ex, but it is really spiced up if we could actually turn a moment of it into a visual photo reality. It is really awesome to see your ex girlfriend drenched in cum and smiling, because you know the nasty whore deserves every bit of it. It also helps with fulfilling sexual desires we were unable to properly express (blame the feminists again) with a given ex, such as regularly feeding her cum or covering her face in a nasty yellowish semen.

I know that I’ve definitely cumshot edited more than 100 photos of my exes and still going strong. It is frequently in a combination with my masturbation sessions, jacking it off with one hand and cumming on their little innocent whore faces with the other. It turned out to be beyond satisfying, more so than I would have anticipated before developing this masturbation habit. I believe that there is a level of interaction that is beyond regular porn but still produces high quality porn material (cumshots and what not), which seems in my mind that is definitely the future of artificial sexual satisfaction.

Ex faking is definitely here to stay it seems, and is only growing. Cumshot Editor Pro is currently THE tool for it, and will improve even further. Those bitches had it coming!

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