Hey all. I’d like to thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response. I’m really glad you enjoy the editor and that my efforts were not in vain.

I’ve managed to completely fix all the known critical issues with it and we’re now proceeding to adding new options and content. It’s not an easy process since many of the new features have to be implemented from the ground up and I frequently end up rewriting 30% to 50% of the code. I’m strongly considering hiring a flash assistant to help me out with the heavy ‘code lifting’ but do not currently possess the funds to do so, so I basically work 18 hours a day every day. It’s definitely completely worth it, though.

Now, let’s get to the sweet stuff. I’ve managed to add a customized gallery option to be used on site. That way you won’t have to download the cumshot galleries, but rather use them through the online gallery. It’s a nice feature overall (downloading them is still very easy and viable) I feel and I hope it will prove to be bandwidth sustainable. Enjoy!