The powerful new Cumshot Editor Pro framework definitely allowed us to implement things we consider are vital for the ease of use and awesome cumshot editing.

You have been able to freely size and rotate the cum around ever since Cumshot Editor v1.3 but we needed a better and faster way to flip it with a push of a button for a long time. And finally it is now a reality! You will be able to flip the semen instantly, bot vertically and horizontally. But that’s not all, you are now able to set it so that it respects cum’s aspect ratio or not, or even reset it to the original state with a push of a button! It is very intuitively made and you will find yourself integrating it into your cumshot editing routine in no time. It also opens brand new possibilities for different cum combinations.

The feature has been in beta for about 2 weeks and functions with no known issues. Be sure to let us know if you find any bugs or abnormalities and we will be quick to address it. Enjoy!