Hey guys. Due to the nature of the product we’ve been frequently asked what’s the credit card transaction statement. Many guys were worried it may be indicative of the nature of the product or even outright state something like “cumshoteditor.com”. I’m very glad to clear that out and announce that it is not the case at all.

As it’s a sensitive subject we’ve had a long conversation with our credit card processor ccbill.com and came up with a completely harmless and non-indicative of the nature of the product statement, which is: “CCBill.com *Alpha Essent”.

Alpha Essentials is our company (additional information at Contact) but even it is masked from the statement as you can see. This means that anyone who desires to get any additional information about that transaction would actually have to contact CCBill.com, who are, flat out, not providing any information about the abbreviations in the credit card statements / companies / sites whey work with (unless forced by the government of the United States, under which they operate).

All this ensures that the nature of the product / transaction will remain completely private.

It was definitely a much needed information and I hope will put some doubts to rest. Enjoy!