Hey guys. We were all excited at the possibility to finally add MasterCard as a payment processing solution and were a few technicalities away from doing so.. or so we though. We were just very recently met with the next bureaucratic wave of flat out senseless restrictions covering numerous areas of money processing, such as daily volume of transactions limits, maximum disputable amounts limits, etc. all which are designed to solely and hugely benefit MasterCard at the expense of both the consumer and the merchant.

We’ve decided to leave it at that and postpone MasterCard’s implementation for the time being. It did turn out to be a quest of epic proportions as they have really badly thought out terms and conditions on adult related content to say the least.

VISA, DISCOVER, DINERS CLUB, and JCB will remain our payment processing options as they definitely turned out to be solid in terms of lessened bureaucracy, friendly consumer policies, and sensible terms and conditions.

We will, of course, be watchful of any alterations/improvements in MasterCard’s policies (they are inevitable, that is certain) and will add them as soon as it is a viable thing to do.

I’d like thank you all for the support!


[Quick Update][25.09.2015]: Hey guys. I’m glad to announce that we’ve finally come to agreeable terms with MasterCard and should start accepting them (probably in 3 to 5 business days). Definitely good news for all the parties involved.