Hey guys. I’m glad to announce we’ve upped our security by introducing HTTPS protocols site-wide (be sure to check what it stands for at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTPS). Of course, we previously had one on checkout and registration pages where encryption is encouraged. However, the good news is we have now managed to introduce it site-wide by successfully modifying internal and external elements to work within the new https framework.

This is an important feat because it makes any potential leak of data virtually impossible as the data is being encrypted two times, once internally on our site, and once externally on COMODO RSA. It means that any data would be both unobtainable and unusable.

Browsers are able to show the https encryption in a form of black(mozilla) and green(chrome) padlock to the left of the site’s address in the browser bar. It’s a visual representation of the encryption in place. You will also be able to click on it for any additional information if needed.

Thank you for all your support! Enjoy!