Hey guys, I’m glad to announce that we’ve released even more awesome gallery types so you can now turn your friends into absolute whores. In addition to the types of galleries shown in the tutorial videos, we’ve now added:

1) Throated_Cocks_Gallery. Some of the sweet sluts that are being edited already have their mouths opened and ready for a fat juicy cock. Naturally, we’d like to see it deep into their throats. To achieve this effect we basically created galleries with just half the cock (as the other half will be into her throat). Upon request, we’ve decided to release the given gallery in waves. Wave 1 is currently underway and will include modified existent galleries to also become usable as Throated_Cocks (this will include new variations of the Penises and Blowjobs galleries). Wave 2 will be adding completely new images as scheduled updates. Of course, this will be done at a faster paste than the other gallery updates until reaching them in raw number of images.

2) Blowjobs_Gallery. These are blowjob images where both the mouth and the penis have been preserved. The general idea is to create action oriented images by placing the mouth that is sucking the cock over the mouth of the girl you’re editing. Definitely very satisfying to see the girl you’re editing actually do those nasty things.

3) Spit_Gallery. Definitely a great addition. Who wouldn’t want our slut friends covered in both cum and spit?

4) Makeup_Smudges_Gallery. Having the ability to place makeup smudges where needed truly adds another dimension of realism. All that throatfucking and cumming can definitely ruin their makeup.

5) And of course, the X-raying addition to our third tutorial video, we now have both Asses_Gallery and Pussies_Gallery.

I hope you’ll enjoy those, guys! But rest assured, we won’t be stopping here – currently testing even more awesome action oriented concepts of adult editing.

I’d really like to thank you for your all your support! We are fully committed to bringing you a lifetime of value in the form of weekly gallery updates, new gallery types, new features, and every new major release of the software!